A client is looking to make a word game based around fairy tails. And so the logo has to carry the feeling of language and fantasy, or medieval design.​​​​​​​
I spent a lot of time sketching different ideas, as we weren't 100% set on which direction he wanted to take and only had vague desires of what might be good.
There was a lot of thoughts on family crests and shields. I had sketches of trees stretching up into leaves and branches of book, books and quills, towers of stone mixed with text and vines, shields and crests and various sorts.
The first official vector attempts were after one concept of an idea with quills mixed with golden leaves around a shield with a book.
The next step was refining the idea. The text portion was kept but the golden leaves were redone, such as the way it would curve around the shield. Rather than block a portion of it, the "quill" would meld around it's edges and overlap points.​​​​​​​
There was a small "treasure" element added as a possibility, and the book was simplified and made more flat to be PART of the shield rather than an object on top.
Colours were then looked into.
However, things still didn't quite feel right.
And within my many sketches, the client saw one of a book and a quill(the letter f in "of") that would press into the book to spread what appears to be magic or something else adaptable that appears to grow from the point.​​​​​​​
I did several small versions to determine how that spot would look. The most balanced and less complicated was what you see here.
Everything was pretty much set at this point. Small changes went into the font, as we kept the serif style but changed the font itself.​​​​​​​
After that was a choice of colours. Personally I'll always love the colour and black, with it's simplicity, but these were some of the choices set out.
As you can see, a black and white version was added to show how it holds up in solid colour.
A final colour palette was chosen. After that was set, various options of black and white, flats, shaded and a slightly gradient version were included. The last two seemed mostly necessary as an alternative due to the nature of it's use, given that it'd be for some form of game.
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