Please contact me about contract work and single illustrative commissions through email or my main social networks: Twitter and Instagram.
Art Commissions
Will Do:
 Original characters
 Character designs
 Game related player characters

 Animal, depending*
 Anthromorphic characters, depending*
 Simple Objects/Backgrounds, depending*
Won't Do:
 NSFW and explicit material
 Any content deemed racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or religiously insensitive.
 Minors in any potentially suggestive content
* Certain subject matters depend on my abilities to illustrate it and the time/research required.

Note: Animals and Creatures may be an option but note that because I am less experienced/skilled in the subject matter, I either may not be able to do it or it'll take longer/cost more.
Variety and Cost
 It is possible to get different styles, from more cartoonish to more realistic illustrated, as well as different styles of ink/color. Prices will vary.
Headshots (STATUS: OPEN)