Please contact me about contract work and single illustrative commissions through email or my main social networks: Twitter and Instagram.
Art Commissions
Will Do:
 Original characters
 Character designs
 Game related player characters

 Animal, depending*
 Anthro/Furry humanoids, depending
 Simple Objects/Backgrounds, depending*
Won't Do:
 NSFW and explicit material
 Any content deemed racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or religiously insensitive.
 Minors in any potentially suggestive content
* Certain subject matters depend on my abilities to illustrate it and the time/research required.

Note: Animals and Creatures may be an option but note that because I am less experienced/skilled in the subject matter, I either may not be able to do it or it'll take longer/cost more.
Variety and Cost
 It is possible to get different styles, from more cartoonish to more realistic illustrated, as well as different ls of ink and color. All prices will vary.
These primarily focus on the area above the chest, possibly including shoulder armor of hints of an outfit that "frame" the area.

Waist Up Portraits
These can be from true waistline, which sits at the belly button, or the hip area. Sometimes it depends on what the character wears, for better framing.

Cost: 30 - 70 CAD
Full body is head to toe.